The Annual Scientific Conference of Faculty of Medicine, October 6 University entitled : (Recent advances in surgical Intervention.)

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    On Thursday 23-11 -2017, Faculty of Medicine ,October 6 University held its  Annual Scientific Conference entitled (Recent advances in surgical Intervention) at the Hospital VIP Conference Hall.  The conference was attended by the Dean and vice Deans of Faculty of Medicine, and Faculty of physiotherapy, the faculty Staffs and part of the six level students. The conference events, commenced with the welcome speech by Prof. Dawlat El Miligy, Dean of Faculty of Medicine. This was followed by offering the Training certificates to the graduates and residents who attended part of their training at France (Limoges Hospital) according to the agreement signed between Faculties of Medicine, October 6 University and Limoges University.

Arising from the belief of the importance of the scientific research in enriching the medical practice, 10 scientific researches belonging to professors and academics staff and 4 interesting cases were presented and all were characterized by being original, applied and directed to serve surgical problems and have an impact on the medical practice. General surgery, Orthopedic, Urology, Obstetrics and Gynecology, ICU, Radiology and ENT Departments shared in the conference and this proved that collaboration and integrations between different specialties and exchange of knowledge and experience add great value to the Medical practice.

At the end of the conference Prof. Dr. Dawlat El-Miligy expressed her appreciation for all speakers, and the coordinators of the conference Dr.Tarek El-gendy Lecturer of general surgery, and presented the following recommendations:

- Collaboration and integration between different specialties should be considered to raise the quality and expectation from medical research.

- Applied scientific research should be a priority to solve the community health problems.

- Regular scientific meeting in a complementary manner between different departments to discuss difficult and interesting cases and to present recent scientific topics should be applied to improve medical practice and education process.