Medical Convoy to Primary Health Care Unit at Tahma Village, Ayyat District.

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    On Friday 14th of October 2018, Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Pharmacy, Faculty of applied medical sciences, October 6 University carried out a medical convoy to primary health care Unit At Tahma Village Ayyat district in collaboration with the Ministry of Health and Women welfare authority.  The convoy comprised almost all medical specialties including, Internal medicine, General Surgery, neurosurgery, (E.N.T), Orthopedic, Pediatrics and Dermatology. Group of students from Faculties of Medicine participated in the convoy under supervision of Prof. Dr. Azza El-Ghareeb the Vice Dean of community service and environmental development at Faculty of Medicine.  The convoy provided diagnostic and therapeutic services to 1090 patients, 150 of them were referred to October 6 University Teaching Hospital for further investigations and surgical procedures. The students shared in the organization of patients in the clinics. Also, they shared in history taking and measuring the vital signs. The Faculty of Pharmacy shared by supplementing the commonly needed drugs.  Faculty of applied medical sciences performed some laboratory tests. The students found that the convoy is a very effective mean of learning and they asked to be involved in the following activity.