Discussion of MS.C Thesis in Dermatology & Andrology

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 On Monday 26th of August  2019, Faculty of Medicine, October 6 University hosted the discussion of M.Sc Thesis in Dermatology and andrology submitted by Dr. / Latifa Maged Allah Edress a graduate from Faculty  of Medicine  October 6 University among the postgraduate agreement with Bany sweif Faculty of Medicine.    The title of the thesis was “Assessment of some systemic comorbidities in patients with psoriasis ”, under supervision of Prof. Dr.Abel Aziz El Refaii  head of Dermatology & Andrology Department Bany sweif Faculty of Medicine  and Prof.Dr. Abdel-Aziz El-Tawil the Head of Dermatology & Andrology Department October 6 University and prof.Dr. Hassan Foad Nada Prof. of Dermatology & Andrology Banha  Faculty of Medicine. The thesis evaluation  committee comprised Prof. Dr.Abel Aziz El -Tawil  in addition to prof. Dr. Omar Zaki , Professor of Dermatology & Andrology Al-Azhar University and Prof. Dr. Khadiga Abo Gabal Prof. of Clinical Pathology Bany-Sweif University. The Thesis was accepted by the committee.