Academic advisory to the recently admitted Students

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 On Monday, Tuesday and  Wednesday 15 to 17  of September and preceding the commence of the new academic year  2019-2020 , A group  of the October 6 University Student scientific society welcomed their junior colleagues registering for the first academic year. During the meeting, they guided the freshmen to the nature of the subjects to be studied. Also they escorted them to the lecture halls, laboratories and the teaching hospital classes as well.  Also, they participated in delivering the academic Books and schedules to them.  Also, passwords and user names were offered to each student to get accesses to the Egyptian Knowledge banks and to get the learning electronic materials and electronic exams. Prof. Dr. Dawlat El-Miligy the Faculty Dean and Prof. Mohamed Abdel Aziz  the Vice Dean for education welcomed the new junior students and acquainted them by the new education system (5+2) at faculty of Medicine, October 6 University.  On their behalf, the students expressed their appreciation and thankfulness for the nice gesture.