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Dean’s Welcome message 

Faculty of Medicine , October 6 University is the first private University in Egypt and is dedicated from the beginning to provide high quality medical education. Our program has been accredited by Supreme Council of Universities in Egypt. We aim to focus on the principles and technical considerations of the most recent modalities in the various fields of medical education to prepare an expert clinician with adequate up-to-date medical knowledge . There have been great advances in the medical sciences over the past few years due to recent revolution in the field of information technology and communications between different institutions in various specialists . One of the most important advances is that related to the quality of providing the best health care in the era of evidence  based medicine. Community health problems from one of our priorities. Our strategy is to provide the community with a competent physician able to deal with patient’s health problems efficiently,  effectively, and ethically. Our medical practitioners are well trained to play an active and creative role in their profession and in continuously improving their career. Also, to share in solving community health problems by providing high standards of medical care and targeted research programs.

Finally it gives me great pleasure to congratulate our junior students for joining our faculty wishing them full success throughout  the different stages of medical education. Also, I would like to advise our senior students to continuously upgrade their medical skills. So, you have to be a self –learner able for further training and to acquire knowledge firmly based on scientific principles, evidence and experience.

Dean of Faculty

Prof. Dr. Mostafa Al Hudhud