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Services and student support


Academic Support:


1- Academic Counseling:

Students are divided into groups (50 students per group) under the supervision of a faculty member or an assistant faculty member. Regular meetings are held between students and the academic advisor to discuss their needs and assist them in solving their problems.

2- Office Hours:

Each faculty member and assistant faculty member designates two hours per week (published in the department schedule and on the website) for students to meet without prior appointments.

3- Financial Support:

The Social Solidarity Office studies the cases of students facing financial difficulties to determine the appropriate discount for their situation. Additionally, a percentage of the expenses is deducted for high-achieving students and siblings, according to the financial regulations.

4- Health Support:

Students receive special discounts at the university hospital clinics, and comprehensive medical examinations for applicants to the college are conducted free of charge.

5- Support for Students with Special Needs:

Cases of medical conditions, surgeries, or accidents that occur during studying or examinations are taken into consideration by establishing special committees at the hospital.

Student Activities:


1- Cultural Activities:

The college organizes cultural competitions in poetry, public speaking, and oratory, and awards prizes to the winners.

2- Sports Activities:

The university has football and volleyball fields, as well as sports halls where sports competitions are held, and the winners are honored.