Precautionary Measures Taken To Facilitate The First Semester Exams

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Some preventive measures were taken during the first semester exams held over a period of two weeks from February 28 to March 11, and those measures were taken to ensure a safe exam period. 
  October 6 University - Faculty of Engineering is dealing with this crisis through several procedures, in order to preserve all faculty members, supporting staff and employees, including:
1. Preparing and sterilizing the halls and placing guiding posters.
2.Sterilization of stands, laboratories and drawing galleries.
3.  Organizing students' entry to exam halls
4. Wearing facemasks at all times
4. Maintaining a safe space between students in the examination halls 
5. Dean of the faculty along with, the Vice Dean for Student Affairs and the Vice Dean for Environmental Service and Community Development Affairs inspect examination halls to ensure that the procedures are implemented
Publishing an instructional video for students to prevent coronavirus.