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The Faculty of Engineering at October 6 University congratulates all its students for their efforts in their graduation projects. The students of the faculty have carried out many innovative projects in all departments

Some projects of mechatronics engineering students: 

indoor vertical agriculture unmanned aerial autonomous vehicle

Wind Turbine

water desalination and its use in smart irrigation


Generating electrical power throughout Tidal power

Extracting carbon dioxide from waste

Automatically Extracting Cellulose from Water Hyacinth (Eichhornia)

Automatic waste separation machine

Humanoid robot

Autonomous Mobile Robot


wheelchair stair climbing

Agricultural robot

Some projects of electrical engineering students strong electricity: 

Electrical Power Distribution and Light Current Systems Design for a Mall

Electrical distribution system for a hospital




Design for low and medium voltage network infrastructure for residential compound, Electrical power distribution and Light current for administrative building

Plc Control System of a Water Desalination Plant


Some projects of electrical engineering students, Communications Division


Automobile Security System Based on Face Recognition and Controller Area Network (CAN) Security

Design and Implementation of RISC-V Pipelined CPU

IOT based smart security system

Home automation by using text message

Car ignition by face authentication

Some projects of construction and building engineering students

country hous

West Eleven Mal

National staton

residential building(halls)

residential building ( HRB)

Effect of using marble and granite and powder to produce green concrete 

hybrid fiber reinforced concrete 

Railway bridge 


All projects of architecture students in wadi Al-Allaqi