Head of Engineers Syndicate in a Visit to October 6 University

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In the framework of close cooperation between the Faculty of Engineering and the Engineers Syndicate, Eng. Tarek Al Nabarawi, Head of Engineers Syndicate, has responded to the invitation of the Faculty of Engineering to give a seminar entitled "The Responsibility of the Syndicate in the Development of Engineering Education" on Monday 24/10/2016.

 Eng. Tarek Al Nabarawi spoke about the role played by the syndicate in the development of engineering education and upgrading the profession. He also pointed to the keenness of the syndicate to support the Egyptian engineer to be able to compete with his peers in European countries through training programs distinguished in all engineering fields.

Dr. Hamdy Al-Leithi, Chairman of the Engineering Education Committee of the Syndicate, pointed to the readiness of the syndicate to hold a test of acceptance for each applicant enrolled in the syndicate, supervised by the senior engineering professors in Egypt, as well as giving the opportunity to those who want to apply for the FE test.

Eng. Mohamed Al Husseini, Chairman of the Youth Committee of the Syndicate, also stressed the importance of communicating with the younger generation of engineers and supporting them in the field of employment through a recruitment conference to be held by the syndicate in the near future.


At the end of the seminar participants were keen to answer all the inquiries posed by students and faculty members about the different activities of the syndicate. The seminar concluded with a tour at the Faulty of Engineering, in which the attendees praised the distinguished level of the Faculty.