The Faculty of Engineering, 6th of October University, organized the reception of new students with the participation of the CEA student association

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 The ceremony was opened by the speech of Prof. Dr. Ismail Mohamed Hafez, the Dean of the faculty.

In his word, Prof. Hafez urged the new students to take responsibility and to promote their way of thinking in a manner that best suits moving from the school study phase to the university life. He also urged them to work hard, and to take care of their appearance to look as appropriate as students of the Faculty of Engineering should look.
The Vice Dean for Graduate Studies and Scientific Research, Prof. Dr. / Mustafa Abdel-Warith asserted, after a discussion with the new students, the importance of the intellectual controls and features of the college student 
Vice Dean for Education and Student Affairs, Prof. Dr. Eman Saad Fahmy, after welcoming the new students, displayed the college system and provided a brief explanation of the credit hour system. Finally, she clarified how to benefit from the student guide book of the faculty. 
The Vice Dean for Environmental Services and Community Affairs, Prof. Henar Abou El Magd, advised the students to actively participate in the college activities to gain practical experience, praising the CEA family and its active role in the service of students and the college. She  focused on  the role of the  faculty in the development of the environment and its permanent contribution to community service.