The Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy, October six university ,Dr. Mohammed Rifaat Dean of the collage   , Undersecretary of the Faculty of Pharmacy for Environment and Community Service Dr. Samir Osman, and staff members, sincerely congratulates . Dr. Sabah Hussein Al-Jed, Head of The Department of pharmacognosy for receiving the General Secretariat award of the Union of Scientific Research Councils for the best Arabic-language book on medical plants for 2021, to the author of her sovereignty and Professor Dr. samya Abdul Wahab, God rest her soul under the title "Guide to Your Guide to Medicinal herbs and toxic plants" award is a regional award at the Arab world level,          which        was  awarded  by     the    Federation         of

Scientific Research Councils of the Arab League 
Wishing    for    their          sovereignty        the    permanence      of progress and sophistication.