Mother's Day Event

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El- Ghad El- Moushrik, a faculty group headed by Dr. Fatma Barakat, Psychology Department Chair, organized Mother's Day event for the Faculty of Education, October 6 University on March 19, 2017 in lecture hall 4008. The talk was entitled "In Gratitude: Mothers' Role in building the Future."  Speakers for the event were: Prof. Dr. Salah El- Din Khedr, Dean of the Faculty of Education, Dr. Mohamed Abel Kader, Vice Dean for Higher Studies, Dr. Abdulla Said, Lecturer of Psychology. Guests of honor were Prof. Samir El- Merag, an executive director in Al Azhar, Sheik Ahmed Radwan, a scholar in Al- Azhar, Dr. Mostafa Fathallah, a dream analyst and the famous actress and ambassadress of good will, Afaf Shoeib. The talk focused on the role of mothers in building entire communities. Representations of mothers in television and in religion were among the issues discussed in the talk. The session was moderated by Dr. Mohsen El- Naggar, Lecturer in Special Education Department.