Recommendations of the Third International Conference of the Faculty of Education, October 6 University, in Cooperation with the Arab Education Association and the Vocational Academy of Teachers, April 23-24, 2017

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The Faculty of Education, 6 October University, has organized the third international conference entitled "The Future of the Arab Instructor" to bolster the University's dedication toward supporting the Egyptian government's policies and putting them in effect. The conference has achieved resounding success which is consistent with the University's vision and mission in research activities in the humanities and the sciences which eventually provide solutions for persistent challenges. The aim of the conference was to provide the means by which teachers could face social challenges that endanger the educational process.

The participants presented for two days in four principal seminars and twenty four research sessions which amount to ninety six research papers. The recommendations were as follows:

1-      To assert the cultural and social status for Arab teachers.

2-      To add an extra year for Arab teacher preparation programs in faculties of education, as a year of excellence to practice teaching in schools of the Ministry of Education under the supervision of the faculties of education.

3-      To expand on  teacher preparation of specific specializations

4-      To assert the importance of integral preparation

5-      To develop teachers preparation programs in order to enable the teacher to introduce a proper cultural identity in the class room.

6-      To develop the competencies of the Arab teacher in order to reinforce intellectual and cultural norms.

7-      To assert the importance of the technical component which is fundamental for the Arab teacher preparation program.

8-      To assert the behavioral components in teacher preparation programs.

9-      To develop preparation material that is flexible for future amendments. 

10-    To integrate expert opinion in teacher preparation programs.

11-   To maintain cooperation with the ministry of education and faculties of education.

12-   To integrate the Arab and international experience to achieve development.

13-   To build up executive board representation for the faculties of education

14-   To develop  examinations in different stages of education

15-   To support the concept of " the researcher teacher "

16-   To build up information about conferences on education and create a database of all the recommendations

17-   To focus on performance rather than on the sufficiency of knowledge in a teacher preparation program.


18-   To fulfill the standards to offer a "license for teaching" in the nearest possible future.