Orientation Day 2017

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 The Faculty of Education has organized an orientation day on Sunday September 24th at 10:30 in 4008. During this meeting Dr. Salah Khedr, Dean of the Faculty and Dr. Sally Hanna, Vice Dean for Student Affairs have welcomed the students and wished them successful and enjoyable years ahead.  Both the Dean and the Vice Dean have addressed the students and have explained important facts about university life. Dr. Khedr insisted on the importance of mutual respect and sharing in social activities on campus. Dr. Hanna defined the nature of leaning under the credit hour system and what it meant in terms of educational choices. She introduced "the academic advisor" as the first professional to consult in selecting subjects for studying or in case there was a problem in general. If the Advisor could not help, then students are welcome to visit the Vice- Dean's office to find all the help they need. She encouraged students to register in groups, sign up for practical listening classes and computer science and Technology Education.  She encouraged students to go to the library and to conduct simple research and not depend only on textbooks in case the course has a text book.  Heads of Departments have addressed their students in their department and have clarified in detail the nature of education in the department in terms of expectations and responsibilities. Sessions were warm, informal and allowed student participation. The first gathering ended with a group photo that included all in attendance.