Revolutionary Theatre after January 2011 A Talk Delivered by Dr. Dalia Basiouny

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Revolutionary Theatre after January 2011 A Talk Delivered by Dr. Dalia Basiouny Dr. Dalia Basiouny has graciously delivered a talk on Tuesday November 26th at the English Department at the Faculty of Education entitled “Revolutionary Theatre.” The talk was attended by professors in the department along with students who have expressed interest in the topic. Lecture hall 2231 was packed to the full with not less than 120 members of audience. The talk centered on the concept of revolution and its reflection in the cultural life of Egypt, namely graffiti, street art and theatre. Dr. Basiouny referred to ritual as the spring board of theatre in Egypt. She reflected on theatre as a journey of discovery, transformation and healing. Intention was introduced as a powerful medium of communication in theatre especially through vocalization; a task taken up by the chorus in a play. Dr. Basiouny has demonstrated intention through a call and response technique by inviting members of the audience to create an effective sound by following instructions. Dr. Basiouny insisted on critical thinking as a means to achieving the desired change. She performed a play she wrote entitled Solitaire about an Arab American woman living in New York after 9/11. Her performance centered on the instigation of fear as a means to marginalize if not demonize Arabs and Arab Americans in the United States of America. The talk lasted for an hour and a half followed by a question and answer session. Attendees were intrigued by Dr. Dalia’s gifted work as a dramatist, actor and professor. The English Department will certainly bring her back to the podium for future talks in the following semester.