Narcotic Analgesics, Prof.Dr. Hassanein Hassan

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General Lecture Title: Narcotic Analgesics (History, Design and new generations) Speaker: Prof. Dr. Hassanein Hassan Professor of Pharm. Chemistry Vice dean – High Education Affairs The speaker divided the lecture into three sections The First Section: the speaker presents, the history of opiates, 2000 years ago till now. This includes the war of opium in China and the contributions of different schools till the elucidation of structure of morphine in 1952. The Second Section: included the presentation of the chemistry of the prototype and different strategies placed to tackle the problem of addiction. In this line, the speaker mentioned with discussion the stripping down version of morphine including morphinans Benzazocines, pethidine and synthetic derivatives. The lecturer also gived a full idea about the simplification and regidification tatics aiming at the destruction of addiction potentialities ( Drug Design ). The Third Section : in this part the speaker presented some of the new synthetic analogues of morphine and the common chemical features. Each result mentioned is proven by experimental data and life images Date : 01/11/2010.