“Habits of Success”

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“Habits of Success” On Tuesday 18/10/2011 Information System and Computer Science held a Seminar titled “Habits of Success” by Dr. Ahmed Abdel – Basset.  The demonstrator has a great experience in life and communication skills. He expressed a lot of events and issues to attract the audience and apply what was presented. The demonstrator presents his lecture based on the following scientific books:  Books of Stephen Covey: 1. The seven habits of highly effective people, 2. The 8th habit from effectiveness to greatness.  Book of Brian Tracy: 1. The psychology of achievement. He Stressed the Signs of Success which are: 1- To feel an inner relief and comfort in yourself. 2- To have a balanced social relations with those around you. 3- To have a great achievement. He also mentioned the Steps of Success as the following: 1- Depending on others, 2- Depending on yourself, 3- Cooperating with others.