Geriatric Medical care

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The symposium held on Wednesday 14/11/2012 discussed the medical care for elderly people. The other aspect of geriatric care including the psychological and social care is also discussed the different forms of giving care to elderly people are presented. Some of the common diseased condition as osteoporosis that have high incidence in elderly people are being discussed openly regarding the diagnostic procedures and management. 1.Prof.laila kamel - Professor of community medicine , kasr el Eini Medical School / Cairo University 2.Prof.\ Mahmoud Hafez - Head of Orthopedic Surgery, Faculty of Medicine / October 6 University 3.Prof.\ Mohamed samir - Consultant , Neurosurgery / October 6 University 4.Dr.\ Jehan Hassan - Lecturer , Faculty of Applied Medical Sciences 5.Jehad Bayouk - Graduate of the Faculty of Medical Sciences ,Department of Equipment in 2010