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1- Training courses and workshops in (Videographer Level 1) Course Contents: - Television camera parts. - Exposure. - TV lenses. - Tubes and devices sensitive to light. - Camera accessories. - Script and Decoupage Course duration: 12 hour in three weeks \ 2- Training courses and workshops in (Art of photography Level 1) Course Contents: - Introduction on the importance of photography - Parts of the photographic camera - How to use the camera - Exposure & Photometry - Types of photographic camera and lenses (types, characteristics and uses) - Filters (types, characteristics and uses) - Course Duration: 14-hour for three weeks (Twice a week) \ 3- Training courses and workshops in (lighting photography ) Course Contents: - Introduction on lighting photography - Type of portraiture photography ( lighting design- type of faces - using continues and flash lighting for portraiture - Commercial photography (still life – glass- metal – Diamond) - Course Duration: 18-hour for three weeks (Twice a week) For more information please contact: Telephone: 38353560 Internal 1246 - Mobile 0129220029