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 Innovative Ideas in Teaching Industrial Pharmacy For Fifth year Students

      The Industrial Pharmacy is one of the most important courses in pharmacy education. Faculty of Pharmacy, October 6th University (O6U) is a pioneer in teaching students how to develop a pilot functioning machine involving technical engineering support. This advances the educational interest of the students. Innovative students develop ideas to improve the performance of some machines. Also, our Faculty encouraged the students to participate in grants provided by Science and Technology Development Fund (STDF) for encouraging young researchers. A group of students under the supervision of Dr. Sahar Fayez, lecturer in Pharmaceutics and Industrial Pharmacy department achieved a grant of 35000 Egyptian pounds to develop one of their innovative projects concerning "the rotary drum filter". Also it allows the students to present their work in local and international conferences. A group of students under the supervision of Dr. Sahar Fayez achieved a prize in the DUPHAT International conference held in Dubai 2017.

      Faculty of Pharmacy, O6U acts as a part of the Egyptian community and aims at investing and developing the skills and energy of its students. This generates innovative and productive pharmacist in Egypt. Accordingly, it encourages its students to search, think, and develop a solution to community problems. Its objectives are summarized in the following points:

1-    Teaching the students to be a part of their community and try to solve the problems rising in it.

2-    Enhancing professional and learning skills so our students can gain experience in both scientific and industrial fields.

3-    Encouraging students to think out of the box.

4-    Preparing the students to meet the demands of the labor markets.

5-    Initiating the spirit of teamwork and teaching them how to exchange information and experience.

6-    Enhancing the presentation and communication skills.

7-    Introducing an innovative concept in dealing with industrial pharmacy field.

8-    Presenting the productive value of education in our University.

The achievement of these objectives will contribute to making O6U a pioneer and a source of inspiration to others.