" Nutrition Practice at a Glance "

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For Undergraduates and Fresh Graduates  

The Faculty of Pharmacy October 6 university  has organized a training Clinical Nutrition Course under the title of  " Nutriton Practice at a Glance " on Saturday & Sunday 16, 17 Novamber, 2019. 

The aim of the training Course was to promote the intellectual and professional skills of the final-years pharmacy students and postgraduates preparing them for the current pre-requisites for the work market and  the field and future of Clinical Nutrition in Egypt.

The Faculty of pharmacy has recruited a selection of highly professional trainers from among the Practitioners of clinical pharmacy at the biggest Hospitals at Egypt such as Naser Hospital, Fayoum Oncology Center. 

Some important intended learning outcomes (ILOs) of the Clinical Nutriton course was adopted in the Training Workshop of Clinical Pharmacy and Hospital Pharmacy. 

The proceedings of the course have focused on the role of clinical pharmacists in designing and following-up of Nutrition Plan in Critically ill and oncology patients. 

The training workshop sessions involved detailed study of some clinical cases which clinical pharmacists can encounter in/out hospitals.
The significance of clinical pharmacists as “Nutritionist " and "health-care providers" was also discussed.

Evaluation quizzes were performed to assess some the intended learning outcomes of the training course. Significant differences were found between the pre-and-post-training results.

A handout and CD of the training course material made available for all trainees. 

Questionnaires were distributed to the participants and analyzed to determine the extent of satisfaction with the training course content and trainers. 

Training certificates were granted to the trainees at the end of Course.