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 Policies of faculty of pharmacy, October 6 University

I- Policies of education and student affairs
Faculty of pharmacy, October 6 university, adopts the application of the following policies for the first level students:
1) The strict application of the general rules that are approved by the supreme board of private universities concerning the standards that should be applied for admitting new students and not accepting students that are not complying to technical, scientific and personal qualifications that are required.
2) Commitment to the fairness of evaluation among students.
3) The commitment to all announced educational schedules for all levels with no modification except for compelling reasons and after the approval of the education and student’s affairs committee. 
4) The commitment of all scientific departments committees to announce the different educational resources available (Resources, national books, international references available in the library and the electronic websites) where they have to be available for students and easily reached.
5) supporting all student’s activities that encourage self learning and develops students’ skills.
6) The announcement of theoretical, oral and practical examination systems after their approval with the commitment to the marking and marks distribution systems that had been approved by the departments committees and that fulfills the measurement of the extend of fulfilling the course goals and justice among students. 
7) Supporting the students that are not able to pass their courses and those of special needs.
8) Improving the quality of education systems and providing the financial, logistical and human resources that are required.
9) Providing training opportunities for the students in the different pharmaceutical fields.
II- Policies of scientific research:
1) the continuous development of the research plan of the faculty with the help of the teaching staff members and the commitment to it with its renewal according to the society needs every 5 years.
2) The equipment of advanced research laboratories and the continuous development and renewal for them.
3) Supporting the scientific research work that contributes to serving the pharmaceutical fields.
4) Encourage the joint and applied research work with distinguished scientific authorities for serving the society and connecting the drug industrial problems with the scientific research work and trying to solve them.
5) Providing the sufficient finance for the scientific research and applied research work that can complete nationally and internationally.
6) Encouraging international publishing and motivating the teaching staff members to publish in international scientific journals.
7) Organizing national and international scientific conferences and seminars.
III-  Society service and environmental development:
1) Supporting the systems of society co-operation.
2) The commitment to the society service plan and always referencing to it when performing any activities.
3) Providing enough finance for the free society service activity that complies to the plan specially medical convoys for the most needy areas.
4) Monitoring the graduates who employed in the different employment fields to recognize their needs.
5) Increasing the health care efficiency in the society through the different society activities of the faculty.
6) Increasing and activating the different activities of the special units.