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Registration & Academic Guidance

 The Registration and Academic Guidance (Registration unit )

The unit tasks:

1-Prepare polices and documented and accredited methods taken by the faculty to accomplish the credit hours system.

2-prepare polices documented and accredited methods taken by the university to provide the necessary requirements to accomplish the credit hours system.

3-Raising the awareness standard regarding the unit tasks and credit hours system.

4-Follow-up and update the electronic credit hours programmer.

5-Developing schedules for different semesters regarding all aspects related to registration, dropping, and addition of subjects .

6-Performing a list of the available syllabuses for registration.

7-Accomplish the registration step for the students.

8-Giving instructions to academic guides.

9-Follow-up cumulative GPA of the students and prepare lists for the warned ones

Electronic registration

Each student should have an account on the official website of the university providing with a password enabling follow-up of the academic file and grades in different academic levels through cumulative GPA.

Steps for registration of syllabuses:

1-The student has an access to the account on the official website through a previously selected password.

2-The student can look for the academic file providing with already passed syllabuses, cumulative GPA and semester grade.

3-The student allowed to look for the available syllabuses for registration via initial link.

4- The student registers the desired syllabuses.

5-The available curricula are determined for registration according to the academic schedules.

6-If the curriculum is not one of the available syllabuses, the faculty board need to agree with enabling the syllabus for registration depending on the students’ number.

7-The student have to pass the pre-requisite to this syllabus.

8-This is not considered a final registration except under confirmation of the academic guide.

9-After settlement of the financial matters, the academic guide revise what the students have registered.

10-If it is a correct choice and the academic guide agrees with it, the guide will make confirmation and this will become a final registration.

11-If the student fails in the choice of syllabus or there are better alternatives, the guide communicate with the student for consultation.

Incase of the student does not register in the specified time :

1-The student will pay affine if he or her delayed for registration.

2-The student need to submit a request to the dean assistant for education and students affairs explaining the reasons to allow registration.

3-After the acceptance of the faculty administration the academic guide can carry out the registration for the student.

4-The registration is not allowed for the student if he became delayed for the available time for registration or after midterms.

The final registration application form

It includes:

1-The data base for each student includes the code, academic level, academic guide, passed hours and cumulative GPA.

2-The final registered syllabuses in the current academic year with their corresponding hours.

3-Both the student and the academic guide will sign on the final registration application.

Support committee and academic guidance

Goals of the committee:

1-Contribute to achieve the educational targets of the college through the help of the students to face and solve their academic and social problems or any other difficulties that may hinder their educational process.

2- Raising the awareness level of the students regarding the academic regulations.

3-Giving advice and guidance to the students

4-Follow up students, who have learning achievement problems, coordinated the ways regarding dealing with them.

The methods by which the committee work:

1-The new students recognize the names of their academic guides according to declaration of the registration unit.

2-Establish of methods to organize meetings between the academic guides and the students.

3-The committee meeting per month to follow-up the academic guidance process and discuss the reports of the academic guides about the students.

4-The committee issue a report submitted the faculty board.

The committee tasks:

1-Preparation of the academic support plan.

2-Establishment of programmers and methods to take care of students who have learning achievement problems, excellent, immigrant and disabled ones.

3-Induction programs for new students are declared, documented and undergo continuous updating.

4-Organizing a reception for the new students and raising their awareness towards all aspects regarding (education program, students support, students activities, office hours, scientific leadership, field training, different committees in the college and quality assurance unit).

5-Giving due care to distribute the updated student guide to the new students.

6-The head of the committee has the responsibility to this part of activity in the annual implementation plan, its annual report and the annual report of the college collaborated with the members of the implement plan committee.

7-Giving due care to immigrant students through activated, declared and documented method, working on increasing their numbers and developing of a method to take care of immigrant students who do not talk in Arabic (documents, reports).

8-Giving great care to excellent students, motivating them via activated, documented and accredited method.

9-Giving care and supporting the students who have learning achievement problems through activated, documented and accredited method that accomplish the academic support system and put the role of the academic coordinator for the different five academic levels into effect defining his/her role to students (parameters to choose the academic coordinator) along with discussion and solve of the students academic problems.

10-Activate office hours and scientific leadership.

11-Dealing with academic complaints submitted by students through quality assurance unit , meetings held between academic support coordinators for the different five academic levels and students ,or complaints placed in complaints boxes , informing the students upon resolving of the complaint if it is provided with name .

 12-Find solutions to problems together with the coordinator of the academic level, the syllabus coordinator of the same academic level and the dean assistant for education and students affairs.

13-Facilitate practice of students activities and nominate representatives from the students in different committees, quality assurance unit and upgrading their awareness towards the role of these committees.

14-Developing certain time in the schedule to carry out activities.

15-Put students union under supervision, activating its role and raising the awareness of new students towards how the elections occur and how they can get a membership.

16-Activate and increase the number of students groups.

17-Measure students satisfaction regarding the educational process via conduction of surveys.

18-Activate the scientific pharmaceutical assemblies.

19-Get the benefits of participation of the undergraduates (Egyptian and immigrant students) and the graduates in updating and developing of the educational program.

20-Preparation of a report concerning with the achievements of the committee in determining of the strong points to strengthen them and the weak points to improve them

Implementation methods:

§  Preparing training courses for teaching staff members and associate members to increase their knowledge about academic guidance system.

§  Holding of seminars for the students to make them aware of the importance of academic guidance system and the advantages of being adhere to this system.

§  Distribution of the student guide booklet and publications concerned with the college and the steps that the students should be followed to complete registration and medical examination procedures.

§  Organization of meetings between the new students and the college administration the study program and make them aware of their rights and duties.

§  Organization of meetings with youth care committee and different students groups to clarify their activities, different provided services and how to become a member and get benefits of these activities and services.

§  These practices are submitted to the faculty board.

§  Establishing of a schedule to achieve these practices.

§  Submitting of reports concerning with the academic guidance to the faculty board.

The role of academic guide:

§  Direct and guide the new students and familiarize them with the faculty facilities and buildings.

§  Helping the new students to be adapted, explaining the education program and make them aware of their rights and duties.

§  Guidance of students regarding how a curriculum being registered in a certain time occurs.

§  Revising of the students results regarding the already passed curricula in the previous semester.

§  Clarify requirements and changes therein for curricula registration.

§  Helping the students in the selection of the desired syllabuses at the beginning of each semester according to the student`s results and the requirements for syllabuses registration.

§  Determining the number of the registered hours depending on the student`s abilities.

§  Direct communication with the students, working on solving all the problems that may hinder them during the academic year.

§  Aiding the students in improving their intelligence learning outcomes to overcome the restricted problems.

§  Figure out of students who have learning achievement problems, enabling them to bypass hinders and achieving the desired success.

§  Encourage students to take part in students activities on different levels in the college and university.

§  Motivating students on providing the best skills and talents to achieve education of high quality.

§  The academic guide submit a report per semester about students to the academic guidance committee.

The student academic file:

The academic guide make a file for each student  that includes:

§  A copy from the academic file for the student includes the past syllabuses and the grades.

§  Registration application form of the different semesters.

§  General report on the student standard and progression.