A report about the Scientific day of the 1st year Students' Project of Preparing Pharmacy Students for A Project based world

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 Under the supervision of Prof. Dr.Mahmoud koheil, dean of the faculty of pharmacy

On Thursday 28/11/2019 , Final year students exhibited their research Projects as a part of [Project based world] activities.

The first project was extraction of petite grain mandarin oil from agro wastes of mandarin orange leaves.The students used the oil to prepare some industrial products.

The second project was , extraction of the starch from potatoes , rice and maize then using them in preparing baby powder from natural ingredients.

The third project was , producing coloring matter from Henna leaves then adding to it different colors from other natural sources to produce  products with different dying colors to use it safely on the hair.

The fourth project was extraction of mucilage from Aloe vera then using it in preparing natural products for the skin.

This Project encourages the students to be entrepreneurs and enter the different markets by using the natural sources.

This project achieves its targeted learning outcomes for the medicinal plant curriculum.

The project was under the supervision of

 Ass.prof.Dr. Samir Osman , Dr.Engy mahrous  and teaching assistants of the department.