"A Report of the trip of 1st year students visiting Cairo university’s medicinal and aromatic farm "

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 "A Report of the trip of 1st year students visiting Cairo university’s medicinal and aromatic farm "

Under the supervision of Prof. Dr.Mahmoud koheil, dean of the faculty of pharmacy.

First year students' of the faculty of pharmacy, October 6 University made a special educational trip to visit Cairo university’s medicinal and aromatic farm.

-      This trip was within the activities of the project of preparing pharmacy students for a project based world which is the practical part of the medicinal plant curriculum to identify different medicinal plants and the ways of collecting, drying and storing them.

-      Students gathered at 9:00 a.m. in front of the University Hotel to get moving by buses to the farm.

-      The project Steps were discussed by the students and their supervisor, the objectives of the project were explained and the purpose of achieving the concept of project-based education.

-      Students arrived at Cairo University farm at 10:00 a.m. and took a tour inside the farm.

-      The students identified alot of the planted within the farm which they study in their curriculum.

-      The students also saw how to collect different parts of plants such as leaves, fruits, flowers, roots and rhizomes used in extracting the active substances used in the manufacturing of drugs.

-      Students practiced the drying of medicinal plants in various ways such as sun and shade drying in addition to the industrial drying in closed rooms with different temperatures control.

-      The students also saw different methods of the storage of different parts of the plants such as roots in jars, leaves in reinforced cardboard boxes, and plant powders in suitable containers.

-      Students were introduced to different extraction methods such as extraction of essential oils.

-      The students' attention was  drawn to the possibility of transferring the experience of collecting, drying, storing and extracting different plants to the different Egyptian villages by establishing small projects.

-      At the end of the trip, the students were grateful to their college under the leadership of Prof.Dr.Kohel for developing their performance and raising their skills.

-      Students gathered at 3 p.m. after a fruitful happy day and after taking a lot of memorial pictures.


Trip supervisor

     Ass.prof.Dr. Samir Osman

  Ass. Safaa Abdelra’ouf