Faculty of Pharmacy 4th level Students won the first place in the sixth essential oils exhibition at Ain Shams University

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 Faculty of Pharmacy 4th level Students, 6th of October University, under the patronage of Prof. Dr. Mahmoud Ahmed Hassan Koheil, Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy, Oct 6 unversity Participated at the Aromatic Oils Student Exhibition, Ain Shams University .

The students of the Faculty of Pharmacy, Oct 6 University, competed with the students of Cairo and Ain Shams Universities winning the first place in the scientific contest of the submitted projects.
The first project : In silico and in vitro investigation
It aims to use agricultural wastes of mandarin leaves to produce essential oil and other materials used in the pharmaceutical and food industries.
The second project : Extraction of limonine
It aims to extract essential oils and to isolate active substances from agricultural wastes of orange peel
The third project : GC/MS analysis
It aims to extract oil from the fruit of star anise and convert it to pharmaceutical products

The projects were conducted under the supervision of the following selected faculty members of the faculties of pharmacy Oct 6 University and the National Research Center:
1-Prof. Samir Othman, Department of Pharmacognosy, October University
2-Dr.. Lina Jamil, Department of Microbiology, October University
3-Dr. Haitham Ali from the Department of Pharmacognosy Helwan University
4-Prof. Engy Mahrous from the Department of Pharmacognosy Cairo University
5-Dr. Abdel Nasser Mohamed from the National Research Center