One Million views for a scientific paper at the Faculty of Pharmacy

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 The student: Bilal Ashraf Youssef , a senior student at the Faculty of Pharmacy activated one of the advanced methods of marketing and publishing called (International QRCODE) for scientific research. It enabled his work to attract one million views and downloads within 48 hours in more than 15 countries. 

This research was the result of a project carried out by Bilal and his team of colleagues under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Samir Othman in the subject CHROMATOGRAPHY.
This project included extracting one of the active substances from natural plants that may be used in the pharmaceutical industry, in addition to the possibility of producing and exporting these materials as one of the new industries in Egypt being one of the largest countries producing medicinal plants.

The project was not limited to this only, but included the work of advanced tests and research using modern devices in this field through research laboratories located within the Faculty of Pharmacy as well as through the National Center for Research.
All this led to the publication of goal-oriented scientific content in addition to the production of these effective substances and their use in natural products.

The student Bilal Ashraf Youssef participated with a number of his  colleagues in this project. The most prominent of whom were: Toka Sobhi, Taghreed Mahmoud, Aya Nasr Mohamed, Nashwa Mustafa, Joseph Sabry, Hossam Badran, Toka Tariq, Aya Attia, Aya Mohsen, Aya Adly, Aya Nasr Ibrahim, Basant Alaa, Fatima Saeed, Hadeer Hani, Muhammad Sami, in addition to the participation of some students from European, Asian and African universities in this project. Assisting Staff Members from the Faculty of Pharmacy also participated including Dr. Nurhan Hani, Dr. Fadila, Dr. Sara Tariq, Dr. Menna, Dr. Hadeer Hassan, and with the help of Dr. Lina Jamil (A Lecturer in Microbiology). This work was carried out under the supervision of the course lecturer and the project coordinator: Prof. Dr. Samir Othman.