An Honorable Representation for the First and Fourth Year Students of the Faculty of Pharmacy, O6U in the Heliopolis University Conference

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 On Thursday the 5th of December 2019, and under the supervision and presence of their dean: Professor Dr. Mahmoud Ahmed Hasan Koheil, both the first and fourth year students of the faculty of pharmacy, O6U, participated in Heliopolis University’s student conference.

The first year students participated with two projects, while those of the fourth year participated with five projects, which were carried out in the pharmacognosy and microbiology laboratories of the faculty, in co-operation with the national research center laboratories.

Those projects were within the practical course activities for the first and fourth year students for the “medicinal plants” and the “chromatography” courses in order to prepare students for a world based on projects.

The projects were:

1-      In silico and in vitro investigation of the biological activity of dimethyl anthranilate isolated from petit grain mandarin agro-waste

This project aims to use the agro-wastes of the mandarin leaves to produce volatile oils and other products to be used in medicinal and multinational industries.

2-      Extraction of limonene as a value added product from orange peel waste

It aimed to the aromatic oils extraction and manufacturing of active constituents from the agro-wastes of oranges.

3-      GC/MS analysis and biological activities of anise oil and its major constituents

It aims to the extraction of the anise fruit oil analyzing it and transforming it into pharmaceutical products.

4-      Potential biological activities of glycyrrhizin as the major constituents  isolated from liquorice root 

This project extracts liquorice and isolates its active constituents.

5-      GC/MS based method for detection of N-nitrosodimethylamine in ranitidine dosage forms available in the Egyptian market

This project aims to solve the Ranetedine drug problem being contaminated with the carcinogen nitro-amine.