A step to achieve the goal and vision of the Faculty of Pharmacy, October 6 University

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 The members of the pharmaceutics department and industrial pharmacy would like gratefully to thank prof. Dr. Mahmoud Koheil (Dean of Faculty of Pharmacy, October 6 University) for inviting and hosting Dr. Ahmed Abdul Rahman (Toll manufacturing manager at RAMIDA which is considered one of the greatest Egyptian pharmaceutical industries) to activate the link between graduates and the labor market to give them a competitive advantage.

 Dr. Ahmed Abdel Rahman gave a lecture under the title (GMP AND DIFFERENT LAYOUTS IN PHARMACEUTICAL COMPANIES) to the 5th year students at the Faculty of pharmacy which was held in the Coliseum (2020) at 1:00 pm, December 5, 2019 and was sponsored by Dr. Sahar Fayez, the lecturer of Industrial Pharmacy Course 2.
On the other hand, the purpose of the lecture was to introduce the students to GMP rules as international rules of pharmaceutical manufacturing in the world by showing the differences between the theoretical method and the practical applications. 
Extensive discussions took place between the lecturer and the audience about the requirements of the labor market and the skills that should be available in graduates to have a competitive position that qualifies them to join the pharmaceutical industry.
The students were grateful to Dr. Ahmed Abdel Rahman and thanked him deeply. The lecture ended at 3:30 and Dr. Ahmed Abdel Rahman sincerely thanked Dr. Mahmoud Koheil, Dean of Faculty of Pharmacy, and Dr. Sahar Fayez, lecturer of Industrial Pharmacy Courses at the Faculty, for their hospitality, warm welcome and promised to continue working with the college to achieve its goals and vision increasing the numbers of graduates who achieve their objectives in the labor market.