Training Course on "Basics of Molecular Biology", Faculty of Pharmacy

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 Basics of Molecular Diagnosis

This course is a continuation of what studied from the basics of molecular biology and the different methods of extracting the genetic material, so this course includes identifying some genes and ways of separating them and their amplification through the genetic material that was previously isolatedIn this course, the student can identify and isolate the genes for his study and its amplification to produce vital compounds such as proteins, enzymes, sera, and insulin. Also, through this course, the student can discover and evaluate various proteins and hormones related to Immune activities or glands. Where the student can take advantage of these hormones and proteins for the types of study, as well as quantitative measurements of the types of viruses.

First day: In-vitro Simulation of DNA Replication (PCR)

Theoretically: what are the basics and applications of PCR, Explanation of gene synthesis, Isolation of different genes, Primers design using specialized software, PCR device and how to deal with its software and use of Agarose gel electrophoresis and its use in separating samples.

While practically how to use different methods of sample preparation using the PCR kit, Methods of preparing Agarose gel electrophoresis, Gene separation using the Horizontal gel electrophoresis and Analyzing results with Gel documentation

Second Day: "Basics and Applications of ELISA”

Theoreticallybasics and applications of ELISA, protein synthesis and biological reaction methods, difference between Antibody and Antigen, and their interaction methods, types and methods of ELISA, which included Direct ELISA, Indirect ELISA, and Sandwich ELISA, thyroid gland and its thyroid hormones T3, T4 and TSH

While Practically: included Methods of sampling and separation, Preparing ELISA plate and preparing Calibrators and Standards, preparing various samples, Methods of measuring samples using an ELISA reader and Methods of analyzing the results using the software attached to the device.