First Workshop Introduction to Bioinformatics

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 This course is one of the essential branches of biotechnology, through which the students can retrieve and evaluate the genetic data related to the study of microorganisms as well as genetic and genetic diseases. 


The course was divided into two days by six credit hours for each day. The scientific subject was divided as follows: 

First day:

·        Introduction to Molecular Biology

·        Introduction to Bioinformatics

·        Study of different databases

·        retrieve and search for publications and scientific research through databases

·        Retrieve and evaluate different genes from databases

Second day:

·        Study the similarities between sequences using Pair Wise Alignment (BLAST)

·        Primers design using more than one software as IDT and Primer-BLAST program

·        Evaluation of primer design using specialized programs MFE primer 3.0

·        Recovery of the amino acid sequence of proteins

·        Study of protein synthesis using different software as PROSIT, UniPro, SMART, and Pfam databases