Cosmetics Students Project Report

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 Pharmacy students prepared several cosmetic cleansing products in the students’ laboratories in department of pharmaceutics as an activity project of the cosmetics course. This is considered as one of the unorthodox teaching and learning methods that provides students with the practical and entrepreneurial skills necessary to prepare students for the labor market.

The students were divided into several working groups, with each group representing a cosmetic production company. Each group was asked to prepare one of the cleansing products such as: regular and medicated soaps, facial cleansers, shower gels, facial scrubs, and masks). Students conducted a field study of the commercial market to find out available products and repsented a market survey on prices, ingredients, and producing companies. Then the students select the appropriate formulation for each product, then prepare the final products in the suitable packaging and design advertising flyers.
The products were presented in the pharmaceutics labs on 29-11-2019 and were presented again on the day of the students’ Industrial Pharmacy projects in the presence of a group of the industrial companies’ representors on 11-12-2019.