A Simulation of the Students of Faculty of Pharmacy, October 6 University for their Work Fields

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 Based on the strategic plan of the Egyptian state and according to the October 6 University board directions for qualifying the graduates to compete in their work media and be aware of all its needs, under the sponsorship of the Dean of Faculty of Pharmacy, Prof. Dr. Mahmoud Kohiel and under the supervision of Dr. Sahar Fayez, the Industrial pharmacy courses lecturer, the graduation project of the 5th year students were launched last Wednesday, the 11th of December 2019.

The project was under the title of (The innovative ideas of 5th year pharmacy students to develop the drug manufacturing machines)

The project's exhibition of developed drug machines and industrial equipment was situated in the Faculty square, and by the presence of a large number of drug industry based board presidents and managers. Among the distinguished guests were:

1- Dr. Mohamed Abdel Gawad (training manager in October pharm)

2- Dr. Mahmoud Badran ( Production manager in Rameda)

3- Dr. Ahmed Abdel Rahman (Toll manufacturing manager in Rameda)

4- Abdel Qader Mohamed (Ex- Production manager in Rameda)

5- Dr. Mohamed Fares (QA manager in INAD pharm)

6- Dr. Mohamed Fekry (QC department in Global Nabi)

7- Dr. Ramadan Saber (INAD Production manager)

8- Dr. Mohamed Abdel Hamid (Lipits plant manager)

9- Dr. Ahmed Samir (Production manager – Sedico)

10- Dr. Menna Allah Mohamed Abdellatif (lecturer of industrial pharmacy in MUST University).

11- Dr. Magdy Abdel Hamed (Factory manager in Faculty of pharmacy, Canadian University)

12-Dr. Aya Elfoly (lecturer of industrial pharmacy in Canadian University)

13- Dr. Nadia Hamdy (lecturer of biopharmacy, Ain Shams University)
In addition to all those mentioned, a lot of pharmacists working in different pharmaceutical fields attended.
All the attendees expressed their admiration and appreciation for the high level of understanding, explaining and innovating of the industrial machines done by the students.
Accordingly, this situated O6U pharmacy students in a special high appreciated level in the minds of drug industry men of the Egyptian drug and work market.
They also showed their desire to support the students by offering job opportunities for graduates which already happens yearly. They also offered training opportunities for students in the factories and offered instructive lectures to bond University courses with real practical work in the industry. On the other side, the students were very glad in this day and they were assured that their academic studies were related to the industrial field and their self -esteem increased by seeing the attendees administration.
The day ended by Prof. Dr. Koheil, thanking all the attending guests for their continuous support for the Faculty efforts and thanking the students for what they presented and their great effort that every body praised.

 We are very grateful to all those who helped making this day successful in the university, represented by

-         Major general Walid Musharraf: general director of administrative affairs, October 6 University.

-         Brigadier general Khalid Al-Wahsh, general security manager. October 6 University