The Scientific Activity day 2015/2016 for the Pharmacognosy Department - Faculty of Pharmacy – October 6 University

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 On the 10th of December, the faculty of Pharmacy, O6U, celebrated the scientific activity day for the Pharmacognosy Department sponsored by Prof. Dr. Ahmed Attia - the Univ. President and Prof. DR. Mahmoud A. Koheil – The faculty Dean, and with the supervision of the Pharmacognosy staff members Dr. Sherifa Fahmy, Dr. Samir Osman, Dr. Alaa Haddad, Dr. Dalia Rashed and Dr. Amr Saad el Din, in co-ordination with all assistant staff members. The day was to exhibit the scientific activities the students were assigned during the semester which was in purpose of incorporating both the theoretical bases and the practical performance for the pharmacognosy and phytochemistry sciences and in order to enhance the students problem solving thinking and science application.

The activities were as follow:
1- Third year students exhibited handmade natural cosmetic products ex. Creams, lotions, soaps, shampoos etc…. which in-corporate natural volatile and non volatile oils, waxes, butters from the course they study.
2- Fourth year students presented posters that showed their research work in co-operation with the national center of research to analyze products in the Egyptian market and the effect of heat on their active constituents using the HPLC technique and caffeine was the example.
3- Fifth year students in co-operation with Zi-delegnous laboratories presented their posters of determining the percentage of Trigrolline in blood plasma and fenugreek seeds using HPLC-DAD and LC-MS/MS.
4- Fifth year student also presented posters of some pharmaceutical products from natural origins in the Egyptian market explaining their active constituents, reactions, properties, uses and side effects for each constituent.