Training course entitled "Basic Concepts of Molecular Biology”

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Bio-technology , one of the modern applied science that contributes an essential role in various biological medicine, treatment and drug manufacturing areas as well as agriculture and environmental processors
These days the world depends mainly on the use of this vital technology to identify genes that cause disease, diagnosis and Identify the genes responsible for the production of bio-compounds used in the treatment and produced in the laboratory as well as the transfer of various diseases gene therapy techniques
To ensure that Biotechnology - Faculty of Pharmacy – October 6 university to provide biotechnology science to students and other university students from other faculties to raise the efficiency of the student to have the ability to compete strongly in the labor market
From this point of honor to the unit that announces one of its training programs specialized in the field of biotechnology for the students of the fifth year of the Faculty of Pharmacy and fourth year students of the Faculty of Medical Sciences at October 6 university  under the title ("Basic Concepts of Molecular Biology”)

Students are divided into two groups as the duration of each session, four days a comprehensive theoretical and practical
Which is divided into two parts each one  16 credit hours

Module 1:
• DNA Structure and Function
• DNA extraction using Manual Protocols and Kits
• Estimation of DNA conc. and purity
• DNA Quantification using Gel Electrophoresis
Module 2:
• Theory of PCR and primer design.
• Set up a PCR reaction.
• Visualization of PCR product using Agarose gel.
• Troubleshooting.

During this session the student be able to perform all the tests himself
at the end of this sessions the student will be offered qualified certificate
participating fees : LE 450

For reservations and inquiries: Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy office