“CORONA”The deadly outbreak of the new decade

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 On Monday 24-2-2020, the department of Microbiology and Immunology , faculty of pharmacy, Oct-6 University organized a lecture under the title 

“CORONA”The deadly outbreak of the new decade
It was presented by Prof.Dr. Abd El Gawad Mohamed Hashem, professor of Microbiology and Immunology, faculty of pharmacy, Cairo university- Vice dean,Faculty of pharmacy, BUE in the presence of Dr. Nabawya Abd El Aziz and Dr. Mohamed Refaat, a number of staff members and students of the faculty.
In the lecture, the concept of virus and the difference between viral and microbial infections was clearly shown. Also, the different types of viruses, which affect upper and lower respiratory tract and how they infect the respiratory system with an explanatory video, were explained with special preference for the corona family viruses, which were first discovered from many years ago in birds and animal until it was transmitted to humans later.
The origin and structure of the new corona virus 2019n-COV has been clarified and the first cases of which appeared in China and from there to many parts of the world with the identification of cases according to the latest WHO statistics till  23-2-2020.
Among the most important points are symptoms of the corona virus infection, which is a noticeable rise in temperature with shortness of breathing and how to deal with an infected person, what are the precautions that must be taken in case of the emergence of cases of infection, how to isolate the patient and contacts surrounding him in a quarantine.
Among the precautions that are taken is not to be exposed to crowded places, avoid coughing or sneezing near any person using a face mask, but in a correct manner and at the same time, good and continuous washing of hands with soap and water. This was explained in a video that was exposed during the lecture.
So far there is no specific treatment or vaccine for this virus and infection with it varies from person to person according to the immunity of the body. Management of the viral infection depends mainly on prophylaxis by avoiding infection by it through preventive measures and also treating symptoms. At the end a discussion was opened for the attendants with Dr. Abd El Gawad for clarification and illustration of many points.