Report of the first day on fourth year project in (phytochemistry -3 course – pharmacognosy Department) for the academic year 2016-2017

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 Entitled (Integrative Study to Prepare Pharmaceutical Products from Natural Resources)

The students were familiarized with the objective of the project, projected learning outcomes and its relationship to the theoretical part of the course.

The students on lab no.1 (Wednesday morning) were divided into groups and each group consists of five students and each group choosing the team leader and was followed by a choice of group’s leader to follow up delivering the report and performing poster.

The project contents were discussed as follows: 

·        High-pressure chromatography device components

·        Principles of chromatographic separation according to the quality of the application on the high pressure separation device

·        Definition of calibration curve and the aim of the preparation

The practical part of the project as follows:
 students prepared different concentrations of the reference material (Trigonelline) from the concentrated solution using standard tools.

·        First group: (concentration of 150 µ/ml)

·        Second group: (concentration of 100 µ/ml)

·        Third group: (concentration of 75 µ/ml)

·        Fourth group: (concentration of 50 µ/ml)

·        Fifth group: (concentration of 25 µ/ml)

These concentrations were injected on the HPLC system

Each group delivered its own chromatogram
• students were trained to use the results to draw a calibration curve using Excel.
• Straight line equation was concluded to calculate the concentration of the active ingredient extracts prepared for injection later.


Training was done by:

·        Dr. JilanAbd Al-azizNazeam

·        Dr. Sherif Mohamed

Supervised by:

Dr.Samir Osman (Head of Pharmacognosy Department)