Under the patronage of Prof. Ahmed Koheil, Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy, Committee of Community Participation at the Faculty of Pharmacy Thanks all the students who participated in the blood donation campaign for the benefit of Children's Cancer Hospital 57357, which took place on Wednesday, October 19, 2016, where the campaign began promptly at ten a.m., after the arrival of the medical team, consisting of Dr. Nashwa Abdullah, Mr. Mohamed Kamal, Mr. Mohamed Abdel Moneim, and continued working until three o'clock and have the donation number seventy-students, which contributed to the success of the campaign and we thank the student /Ahmed Abdel al-Gawad who work organized the campaign , results of analysis will be ready from the hospital within two weeks we will announce it to receive the results and thank you very much.

Dr/heba gizawy (Head of Committee of Community Participation)

Prof. Mahmoud Ahmed Hassan Kohiel (Dean of Faculty of the Pharmacy)