Qualifying program to Pass the American Board exam

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Qualifying program to Pass the American Board exam
Preparation Program for American Board Exam
Pharmacotherapy – Critical Care – Clinical Nutrition – Oncology
Infectious Diseases – Cardiology
The Faculty of Pharmacy of October 6 University announces opening registration Qualifying program to pass the American Board exam.
In the specialties (Persian, Critical Care, Scientific Nutrition, Oncology, Infectious Diseases, and Cardiology)
Qualifying Program is considered the first university program in the electronic education system.
Online lectures are explained through the university’s e-learning platform and a faculty email is created for an advanced to enter the education platform electronic.
Provide the latest versions of the American Board book, in addition to a bank of questions and answers
For training and simulation of the exam system, in addition to making a pilot exam (Mock Exam).
Periodic examinations during the lectures and training in solving international exam questions
The teaching elite of faculty staff .In addition experienced in the field of clinical pharmacy who have the American Board Certificate.
Participants who passed the pilot exam at the university are granted a certificate approved by
October University
Qualifying program fees are 6000 pounds, and the payment is only through a bank transfer to
account (Egypt Iran bank) account number
09-408468-01-000 to American dollar and to the Egyptian pound 09-09-408468-02-000
A copy of the payment receipt + a copy of the card + phone number + specialization will be sent
To be registered) to the following email: [email protected]
The program includes practical clinical pharmacy training with departments and sponsorships
October University Hospital for two weeks, at 200 pounds, and the payment and registration are made in the faculty of pharmacy. )Optional for applicants interested in the program(.
The study begins in the program in October 2020 for a period of 6 months, at the rate of one lecture per week, provided that the student submits the international examination in the next month of April 2021

6th October University
Announces a practice offering for companies with experience and the distinguished competence for the academic year 2020/2021
Food supply (dry – fresh – meat)
Student accommodation and university hospital
 1-The bid requirements and specifications shall be withdrawn from the Financial Department at the university during the period from Sunday 13/9 until Sunday 20/9 provided that all necessary documents are submitted To enter tender when the bid book is withdrawn.
2- Payment of: 150,000 hundred and fifty thousand Egyptian pounds
Only, under Primary bank letter of guarantee.
3- Awarding a final bank guarantee letter will be submitted that is an unconditional and irrevocable value of 5% of the contract value and that is within a maximum of 10 days from the date of awarding.
4- Set on Sunday27/9/2020 at 10:00 am a date for conducting the practice and that of the financial department of the university.
For inquiry :
 tele /16704