Lectures and training workshops for nursing at October 6 University Hospital

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Under the supervision of the hospital's clinical pharmacy unit

Within the framework of investing the expertise of the Faculty of Pharmacy and the continuous development of professional expertise in the University Hospital in the field of clinical pharmacy, the Clinical Pharmacy Unit at the October 6 University Hospital under the patronage of Prof. Dr. Mahmoud Kahil, Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy, and Prof. Dr. Ali Hegazy, Director General of the Hospital, organized a group of lectures and workshops for the nursing staff in the hospital under the auspices of Addressing patient safety and reducing medical errors, the first lectures were held at the Clinical Pharmacy Unit on Wednesday 9 September 2020

The lectures included:

• Steps for preparing, giving and keeping antibiotics

• Types of enteral and parenteral nutrition and how to use and prepare various food products

• Correct methods of giving tablets and capsules by Rael

• Mitigation, administration and preservation of high-risk drugs

• Common drug and food interactions


In the presence of the Director of the Nursing Department and the Nursing Supervisors from all departments and departments of the hospital, and in the presence of Prof. Dr. Samir Othman, Vice Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy for Environmental Affairs and Community Service, and Dr. Ahmed Essam, Coordinator of Work and Training at the Clinical Pharmacy Unit - The Clinical Pharmacy Unit has used distinguished training cadres of lecturers and practitioners in the field of clinical pharmacy from major Egyptian hospitals.