The faculty of pharmacy achieves the highest rate of international scientific publishing among all faculties of October 6 universities

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A word of gratitude and appreciation for the staff members and their assistance of the faculty of pharmacy, October 6 University, for their great efforts and sincerity in the scientific research work and consequently in publications since they achieved the highest rate of published papers among all faculties in the university.

They highly contributed in elevating the scientific status of the university and the faculty and their ranking among all Egyptian pharmacy faculties and international faculties. The number of researches internationally published in journals of high impact factors, since the beginning of this year, until September 2020 reached 45 researches, in spite of the difficult circumstances in the country due to the corona pandemic. Accordingly, the faculty of pharmacy administration is obliged to present its high appreciation and honors to the great staff members and their assistants and wishes them more success and advancement.

The faculty of pharmacy also presents its high gratitude and appreciation to Professor Doctor Ahmed Zaki Badr, chairman of the board of trustees, and to Professor Doctor Gamal Samy, The University President, for their financial and moral support which made this accomplishment possible.

All our best wishes for the faculty and the university for more success and advancement.