A Report about the Faculty of Pharmacy Students’ Clinical Training in the Clinical Pharmacy Unit October 6 University Hospital (September 2020)

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 The clinical pharmacy unit of the October 6 university hospital has recently organized different clinical training courses under the supervision of Professor Dr. Mahmoud Kohil, the dean of the faculty of pharmacy. The training was in the different hospital departments and intensive care units (ICU) for the students of the faculty’s final years.

The training course was from the first of September until the 16th of September 2020.

Training goals:

Awareness for the pharmacy students concerning the clinical pharmacy field and the nature of the clinical pharmacist role in the hospitals.

What the students acquired through their training? :

Students learnt a lot of important skills in the clinical pharmacy application.

Students got to know and understand the different medical equipment that are present in the ICU. They knew the importance of many equipment e.g. ventilators, oximeters, electrocardiograph (ECG) machines, monitors, solution pumps, drugs and all medical equipment present in the resuscitation cart.

The students got to see real (patients’ files), follow-up sheets for vital symptoms, prescriptions and different biological analysis that were done for the patients. This procedure was important to train them to consider all this data to adjust drug doses, decrease side effects, avoid any kidney or liver damages that could be caused if these factors weren’t considered.

The students were divided into groups and each group was given an ICU or a hospital department patient to follow his treatment. A clinical pharmacist followed up trainees of each group, assured the treatment plan and its accordance to the international protocols and advices in this particular case and he revised the drug doses, drug interactions and drug side effects.

The students attended daily lectures during all the course interval which covered the main diseases and emergencies that causes the admission to an (ICU) e.g. heart failure, brain stroke, severe liver or kidney inflammation and pneumonia.

At the end of the training course, each group of the students presented a data show presentation for a patient’s case that they followed and their

evaluation as a group for the case in order to teach them the importance of the team work.

An assessment was performed for the students through a written exam to see how far they benefited from the training.

A questionnaire was distributed among the trainees which was analyzed by the “quality assurance unit” in the faculty of pharmacy to see their percentage of satisfaction (concerning the training and trainers).

The faculty has provided a distinguished team of trainers who are renowned in the field of clinical pharmacy and has a wide experience in well-known hospitals.

The training course was organized by Dr. Ahmed Essam, a demonstrator in the clinical pharmacy department and the coordinator of the training in the clinical pharmacy unit.

The event was supervised by Assis. Prof. Dr. Samir Osman the vice dean of the faculty of pharmacy for the environmental affairs and community service and executive manager for the specialized units of the faculty.

50 students attended this course, all from October 6 university.