Charity Pharmacy Between the idea and its application "Help the other …. Together we can"

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 Charity Pharmacy Between the idea and its application "Help the other …. Together we can"

In awareness of the humane rule of the Faculties of Pharmacy, Medicine and Physical Therapy and Youth Care administration at the University, a gathering event has been activated to encourage and inform the students about the importance of volunteer work and the initiative of having a charity pharmacy through donating drugs. The event was in the time period between the 22nd and the 28th of November 2020 and collecting drugs and medicine containers began daily from 11.00 a.m. till 1.00 p.m., where all drugs were collected, sorted and stored according to the health ministry quality standards.

Also the drugs were listed, the doners' names and the expiration dates registered and then they were stored in the faculty of pharmacy until needed in the medical convoys that are in conjunction with the Faculty of Medicine and other faculties.

Tightly closed containers of the drugs were prepared and sealed in the university campus mall area in the presence of:

1.      Assis. Prof. Dr. Samir Osman

Vice dean of the faculty of pharmacy for the community service affairs and environment development and head of the community service committee.

2.      Assis. Prof. Dr. Abeer Mohamed El-Saied

Community service committee member.

3.      Assis. Prof. Dr. Azza El-gharieb

Vice dean of the faculty of medicine for the community service and environment development.

4.      Mr. Ahmed Allam

The manager of youth care administration

5.      Mr. Ahmed El-Sayed

Social activity executive

6.      Ms. Nisreen Mahmoud

Social activity executive