Gastroenterology and How to Treat It in community pharmacies

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 The application of clinical pharmacy for the first time in community pharmacies in October six university  under the supervision  of Dr. Mohammed Rifaat Al Ghabashy acting dean of the faculty and undersecretary of the college for graduate affairs and under the direct supervision of Dr. Samir Osman, undersecretary of the College for community service and environmental development.

A course entitled Gastroenterology and How to Treat It at the Community Pharmacy was completed and the course was delivered by Dr. Mahmoud Mustafa (owner and director of a pharmacy and the holder of the Egyptian Fellowship in Clinical Pharmacy and a recipient of the American Board in Al-Pharmacotherapy), and the students praised the course.
Students have been trained to combine community pharmacy with clinical pharmacy, which makes students more distinguished than others.
The course consisted of two lectures:

The first lecture dealt with indigestion and acidity, how to diagnose and treat it and how to prescribe appropriate treatment for each patient.