Measures of infection control

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The Training and Awareness Committee invited faculty staff members and Demonstrators                         to attend a seminar entitled "Measures of infection control" the seminar was held under the supervision of Dr. Mohammed Rifaat Al Ghabashy, Dean of the College and Undersecretary of the College for Graduate Affairs and Scientific Research and Dr. Nabawia Abdel-Aziz undersecretary of the College for Education and Students affairs and in the presence of Different faculty staff members and Demonstrators  on Wednesday, October 6, 2021 at 11:00 a.m. at hall 2124 and  the lecture presented by  Dr. Mohammed Samir Turkey, Lecturer of molecular and
diagnostic microbiology The lecture contained several points, including:
1. The chain of Infection.
2. Types of infectious microorganism.
3. Mode of transmission.
4. Different Risk factors.
5. Different measures of infection control.
6. Standard precautions of infection control

7. Additional precautions of infection control