a seminar entitled “Registration and Academic guidance”

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 The Training and Awareness Committee and  Registration & Academic guidance invited faculty staff members , Demonstrators and Administrative system at the Faculty of Pharmacy  to attend a seminar entitled “Registration and Academic guidance” the seminar was held under the supervision of Dr. Mohammed Rifaat Al Ghabashy, Dean of the College and Undersecretary of the College for Graduate Affairs and Scientific Research and Dr. Nabawia Abdel-Aziz undersecretary of the College for Education and Students affairs and in the presence of Different faculty staff members and Demonstrators  on Monday , October 4, 2021 at 11:00 a.m. at hall 2124 and the lecture presented by  Dr. Khaled Mohamed Abdel-Haleem: Lecturer of Pharmaceutics & Industrial

Pharmacy, Vice manager of registration and academic guidance unit.
Session content
1. Program Curriculum of different systems
2. The difference between the semester system, credit hours and PharmD
3. Registration requirements
4. Study Load and registration
5. Student evaluation via GPA (Grade Point Average)
6. Subject coding based on program system
7. Student's personal account and online registration
8. Levels of students based on passed hours
9. Academic probation
10. Deletion, addition and withdrawal
11. Cumulative GPA (cGPA)