Project Based Learning (4th Level students offer innovative solutions for covid 19)

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 Under the title project based learning, the Department of pharmacognosy , Faculty of Pharmacy, October 6th University, held a scientific day to display the posters of the fourth Level by displaying chromatographic posters and separation techniques, and this project was presenting innovative solutions for the new Corona virus and included the presentation:

1. Students purchased ten plants from their direct sources such as
Eucalyptus leaves from the eucalyptus trees, lemon hashish from agricultural land and anise from the wholesale markets, caraway from Egypt, and Nigella sativa from this year's crop and chamommile  directly from the fields
2. Oils from these plants were obtained by distilling them into HPED device
High Performance Extraction Distillation
Highly efficient extraction and distillation system
3. Oil samples were analyzed at the National Research Center at GC Gas chromatography coupled with Mass spectroscopy
The students knew the compounds that make up each oil.
4. They sent samples to the Antiviral test against coronavirus
5. They helped by some of the professors in the department of pharmaceutics and industrial pharmacy to make some products of oils and also hired professors from the department of chemistry to work docking for major compound and compare it to the drug ivermectine, which was believed to be used in the treatment of the Corona virus and anti microbial work with the help of professors from the department of microbiology
6. Students made posters with their results
This project was sponsored by the professors of the course  prof Dr. Samir Osman, undersecretary of the Faculty for Community Service and Environmental Development, Dr /Jilan Nazim and prof Dr. Sabah Hussein Al-Jed, Head of The Department of pharmacognosy  at October 6th university and was attended by Dr. sheren  Sameh, Lecturer of Pharmaceutics  prof Dr/ Azza Taher, Professor of Chemistry, Dr.Lina Jamil, Assistant Professor, Department of Microbiology, Dr. Mohammed Al-Raai, Professor of phytochemistry, Dr. Faraj Salim and Dr. Abdo.
 Prof . Dr. Mohammed Rifaat al-Ghabashy Dean of the Faculty, attended the scientific prof Dr . Nabawia mosa, undersecretary of the college for education and students, Dr. Sahar Fayez is a lecturer  in the Department of Pharmaceutics .Dr. Aladdin Al-Haddad, Assistant Professor of pharmacognosy  Department, Dr. Walaa Al-Sharif, Assistant Professor, Department of Microbiology, and prof . Dr Tarek Saad Makram, Professor Department of Pharmaceutics and Dr. Shaimaa Muslim
The professors from different departments praised the efforts of the students and thanked the students university leaders who provided them with the tools of success of buying the device and opening laboratory  and security to secure them.