the phocous conference

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 Under the auspices of

Dr. Jamal Sami, President of the University
Dr. Ali Abdul Aziz, Vice President of the University for Graduate Affairs and Research
 Dr. Mohammed Rifaat, Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy
 Dr. Tarek Saad Makram, the university's youth leader. 
The Egyptian Federation of Pharmacy Students at the University of October 6 EPSF O6U opened the phocous conference for clinical pharmacy in the presence of both
Heads of departments of the Faculty of Pharmacy and presence 
Dr. Sayyid Qarni, Publicity Officer, Ho Group
Dr. Essam Abdel Hamid, Undersecretary of the General Union of Pharmacists 
Dr. Amr Desouki, Marketing Manager, Al Fouad Pharmacy Chain 
Dr. Amr Mahmoud, Training Officer, Ho Group