"Time" is monitored by images. October 6th pharmacists' students develop prescription to promote Egyptian pharmaceutical factories

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 October University Pharmacists Students Plan to Promote The Pharmaceutical Industry in Egypt

Professor of Pharmacy: There must be communication between pharmaceutical factories and pharmacy colleges to solve problems
Secretary General of the University of Oct. 6: The main problem facing the world now is strengthening industry by any means. And save hard currency
Secretary General of the Pharmacy Owners Division of the Chambers of Commerce: We will contact pharmaceutical companies to support the ideas of young people
The pharmaceutical industry, specifically pharmaceutical factories in Egypt, faces great challenges and difficulties in manufacturing the drug, and this prompted students of the Faculty of Pharmacy at the University of October 6 to work on a research project to eliminate the problems of the pharmaceutical industry, by working to solve some of the problems facing pharmaceutical manufacturing machines through certain innovations.
"Al-Zaman" listened to the opinions of students of the Faculty of Pharmacy at the University of October 6 as well as to learn about the proposals of specialists in the field of pharmaceutical manufacturing.