The Faculty of Pharmacy Students Union honors the leaders of the college's student activities.

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 On Tuesday, June 28, 2022, the Students' Union of the Faculty of Pharmacy at The University of Pharmacy honored the leaders of the faculty's student activities in the presence of The Dean of the Faculty A.D./Mohammed Rifaat Al-Ghabashi and the College's Undersecretary for Environmental Affairs and Community Development A.D. Samir Osman 

EPSF leaders were honored:
1. Salwa Adel 
2- Hazem Al-Houfi 
PSQAT leaders were also honored:
1. Nada Nabil 
2. Ahmed Marzouk 
3- Reham Ala
4. Norahan Nabil
5. Ahmed Ashraf
In order to convey a message that both the Union and the student activities represented by the Scientific Society of the Faculty of Pharmacy EPSF, and the student team of the PSQAT Unit are all working together for the sole purpose of helping our colleagues and raising the profile of our college.